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Webhosting Set Up

With Korrio web publishing, you get a:

  • Website that is fully integrated with the entire Korrio platform. This helps keep data fresh and makes it easy to maintain
  • User-friendly and intuitive solution that makes updates and edits easy and quick for non-technical volunteers and staff
  • Industry standard HTTPS/SSL encrypted communications, that is an industry standard, on every Korrio page

It is important to begin working on the steps outlined in this email, as preparing your website for go-live is often one of the most time sensitive tasks during Onboarding.

EMAIL KORRIO: As you work through the steps outlined below, please email us ( the following information as soon as you have it:

  1. Domain (URL)

  2. If you are/are not currently using email at this domain (example:

  3. Screenshot of DNS information


STEP 1: Verify that you have administrative rights over the Organization domain name

  • Go to and type in the domain for the club
  • The website will return public information about the domain, including a section titled “Administrative Contact”
  • Do you have access to the email address listed?
  • If NO, find out who does and/or purchase a new URL address.  (i.e. godaddy accounts work very well with the Korrio system). If you do not have access then you need to fix this by contacting the owner of the domain and changing it to someone associated with your Organization.
  • If YES, log in to the email address on record to confirm you have the appropriate credentials to access the applicable email account. Korrio will be sending an email to that email address in a following step with a time sensitive action.

STEP 2: SSL Certificate Verification

  • Once Step 1 above is confirmed, we will email an SSL Certificate verification email. There is a link that you will need to click on to verify that you have administrative rights to the domain

STEP 3: Get your full website and Domain Name Servers (DNS) information

Please note that if you need help, you can provide us with your username and password and I can get the information we need. You can always change your password after your website is fully live.

  • Since Korrio will become your new website/domain service, we need to get your full current information so we can setup a new record in our servers
  • The same process you would use to point your website/domain to the Korrio IP would be used to get your current website/domain information
  • Get access to your DNS manager tool with the company that you got your website URL from and take a screen shot of the entire page that lists out this information. Look for “CNAME, AHost, MX Records”.
  • GoDaddy
      • After login, click on My Account button in the upper right
      • Then click on the Launch button in the "Domains" section
      • Click the Domain Name in the list to open the "Domain Details" page
      • In the "DNS Manager" section click the "Launch" link to open the DNS Manager
      • take a screen shot of the full page for the DNS manager. It is okay if they send more than one image as long as the full page is captured
  • Networksolutions
      • After login, click the Manage Account button in upper right
      • Click the "Edit DNS" link under the "My Domain Names" text
      • On the Domain Names page, to the right of domain name in green, click the "Edit Advanced DNS Records" link
        • On the "Update Advanced DNS for.." page, take a screen shot of the entire page to get all the information. It is okay to send several images as long as all the information shown.
  • BlueHost
      • After login, click on the second top tab "Domain manager"
      • Select the domain in the domain list on the left column
      • In the right column, in the Domain section, click the "manage" link in the "DNS Zone Editor" line
      • copy the information in the "Zone File Records" section

STEP 4: Point your domain to the Korrio servers

  • You will need to log into your DNS manager tool and input the CNAME server information that we will provide you later in the process.
  • We will need to coordinate a time and date because there are some settings on our end as well.


If you have any questions regarding the web hosting steps outlined above, please contact us at with the following information:

  • Subject Line: [Your Club Name] Web Hosting Question
  • Name of Your Club 
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