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Best Practices After Registration

Once your registrations are open you can begin organizing your program.  Add players to your roster and build your team.  Communicate to members and build schedules.  Below are some best practices to help you with your next steps of:

  • Team Formation
  • Communication
  • Monthly Financial Reconciliation

Team Formation: How to roster your players, coaches, and team managers: We make team formation easy with our Team Builder tool. Gone are the days of messy Excel spreadsheets and email requests for teams. Once a player is registered with your club, it’s easy to place them on their teams for the season. 

Create Teams

Team Builder

Roster Players to a Team

Pending Teams / Rosters

Managing Rosters (Roster page Functionality)

Adding Coaches & Managers to Teams

Reports – Players Not Rostered

Communications: Korrio’s communications tool allows you the ability to email all attendees (and their parents) in a program or group, even the entire organizations membership.

Please go to Bulk Email for Club Admin to learn more about the capability to send bulk email communications.

How to message people with open account balances?

  1. Go to Club -> Payments -> Balances
  2. Enter a date and the number of days late you are interested in.
  3. Run the report
  4. On the upper right side click on Email Balances to Selected Email Addresses to message these members.

Note: Mail merge functionality is also available for you to be able to customize the message to the user and balance due.*


Subject: Korrio Soccer Club Fees – Late and Past Due Notice

{{parent name}},

If you are receiving this notification, your account has a past due balance. In order to not interrupt club and team participation, this is a reminder to review your accounts and make a payment today.

Player Name: {{reference user}}

Outstanding Balance: {{user balance}}

Please log in to your Korrio account to verify your account information. Go to, enter your username and password, and view your Transaction Information section on the Accounts section of your Profile Page.

If you need additional assistance, please communicate with the Organization before Friday, March 15th.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

John Smith

Treasurer, Korrio Soccer Club


Monthly Financial Reconciliation:  Korrio provides a reconciliation tool to reconcile registration related information with the payments processed in reconciliation

PayPal reconciliation

Collection of Outstanding Balances

End of Season Financial Summary Reports

Capturing of Transaction in Financial Reports

As you form your teams, communicate with your membership, and reconcile payments, your Onboarding Manager will oversee your progress to confirm everything is set up correctly.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

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