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Introduce Korrio to Your Club with a Registration Template

Send out a registration announcement to your club that we have already created for you.  Prepare your club with quick guides to start them off.  


Korrio is a registration system that includes team sites and personal dashboards, unlike what your members may have used in the past. To help improve your members’ experience, we found its best to communicate those differences at the earliest possible opportunity so you can highlight the benefits of using Korrio. A perfect time to do this is when you send out your organization-wide email about when registration opens. It is important that you include the following:

  • Introduce Korrio and the benefits that it will provide for your members
  • Set expectations for your members about registration experience and how they can track their transactions and agreements in their Personal Profile
  • Provide members with Key Organization Dates and a link to registration

For your convenience I am providing you with a basic Korrio Organization Communication template as well as quick start guides for coaches/managers and players/parents. I suggest taking this template and revising it to fit the needs of your Organization and Community.  The quick start guides could be provided to your members in either the Organization Communication document or on your public facing website.

 Thank you for your continued partnership.

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