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Creation of your registration programs: Best Practices

To begin the creation of your registration programs you will first need to cover these three areas.

Step 1 - Agreements: This is where you will create any waiver, code of conduct or form that you would like to display during the registration process.

Step 2 - Adjustments: Here is where you will create any fees or credits to the original base price for registration (i.e. early registration discount, late registration fee, donations)

Step 3 - Coupon Codes: Here is where you will create any Coupon Codes that you would like available within your Organization prior to adding them to a specific program.

Step 4 - Custom Fields: Here is where you will create all the Custom Fields you will be using across your Programs. This allows for a one time creation of those Fields.

Step 3 - Programs: This is where you will collect specific player data and payment for your membership. When creating these programs, view them as buckets of people that you will eventually be pulling from to form your teams.


Below are some help guides and best practices that will help get you started:

For a quick reminder on how to set up a program, Click Here.

 Tryout based club registration:

Part 1: Creating registration for tryout based competitive programs

Part 2: Creating your Organizations’s Season Registration program for selected players


Recreational registration:

Creating season registration programs

 Volunteer Registration

Setting up registration for your Organization personnel, coaches, and managers

 Program settings

Grade based registration

Age Eligibility & Adult Only Programs

 Best Practices for Adjustments:

Early Discounts & Late Fees


Sibling Discounts


 Best Practices for Agreements

Agreement Set up

Updating Agreements before the start of season

Printable Medical Release Waivers

 Helpful Tips:

Common Mistakes when Creating Programs

As you create your Programs, your Onboarding Manager will oversee your program creation to confirm everything is set up correctly.


Thank you for your continued partnership.



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