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One of the first steps of getting your Korrio account ready to open registration is to set up an account with a payment processor. The Korrio payment solution is secure and you can have confidence in the collection of your registration payments. We do not store your credit card information within the Korrio system. It is used during registration and securely transmitted to your payment vendor, who provides the credit card processing. All of this is completed using web standard SSL encryption, and in fact, the entire Korrio site uses SSL for all communication. That is the same encryption that all browser based commerce sites use (Zappos, Amazon, Best Buy, etc).

The Korrio platform is compatible with

You will need to go through Korrio’s contacts below to set up the correct type of account to integrate with the Korrio Playflow platform.  


Call or Email the Korrio Contact

Tony DeBruno



Below is the Application required by The key information they need is listed below:

1. Organizations info: Name, Address,Phone, Fax, Website, Email addresses

2. Physical Address: If your Organization does not have an office, please enter the contact persons information

3. Contact person's information: Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Email Address

4. Federal Tax ID

5. Voideed Check: Copy of a preprinted Voided Check for the account will be depositing the money into.

6. Do you accept AMEX?

7. Estimated monthly transaction volume


Make sure you mention to the contact if you will be using Korrio's Automatic Payment Plan Features. Please Note: There is an additional cost in if you choose to Enable Automatic Payment Plans.

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