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Reviewing your Registration Programs

Because registration for your organization is approaching soon, please cross check your programs to make sure they are configured correctly.  Below are Korrio Best Practices, Helpful Tips, and Reminders in setting up and reviewing your programs.

Best Practices & Helpful Tips:

Standard Fields for All Registration Programs

Program Page Season Dates

Sibling Discounts and Season Start, End Dates

To Help Avoid Problems:

  1. Do not reuse a previous program
  2. Do not change the price of a registration after the first user registers
  3. Do not change the parameters for Automatic Payment Plans while program is active
  4. Do not include any non letter or non number characters in the title of the custom field or radio buttons for custom fields
  5. Do not change the name of, or add/remove, custom fields after the first user registers
  6. Do not remove a player from the attendee list of a program
  7. Do not add adjustments to a free program
  8. Do Not Store Sensitive Information using Custom Fields

For more information about why you should avoid the above in a program, click here

If you have any questions, please visit the Korrio Support Center. Thank you for your continued partnership.

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