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Need to figure out how many players registered this year or find out contact information for members of your organization? Using Korrio's Quick Reports makes this a quick and easy process.

Korrio provides Organization administrators with a robust reporting tool with access to member, program and team information to support your club’s processes. The following will help you get the most out of Korrio Reports.


Member Search

When searching for information on a single member, use Member Look Up instead of running a report. This is much faster and you can quickly jump around to access different profile information for members.


Common Reports and Best Practices

When you need to run a report, it is usually to support a task related to the operations of your Organization. At Korrio, we think of reports within the context of a specific organization task or process. Thus, we provide Support Articles that help you run the reports that you are looking for within the context of what you are trying to accomplish. The following are the different types of reports and how to best use them.


Quick Reports Overview

Learn more by watching the video on Quick Reports


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. Who has access to reports?

Organization Administrators that are listed on the Personnel page of your club’s Korrio site as Admin can run reports. The ability to run Financial and Background Check reports require additional privilege. 

2. How do I access Custom Fields in Program Reports?

Go to Program Reports and select the program or programs for which you want to run a report. You will notice that in the default report columns, Custom Fields is represented. If you do not need to report on the Custom Fields of a program simply drag and drop the item in the additional column field to remove it. 

3. Can I save a report?

Korrio has added a new feature in Quick Reports allowing you to save the reports you have run in your Reports Library located in your Reports Dashboard. This provides one click access to re-run the report in the future. 

Questions? Need Help

First search the Korrio Support Center. If you do not find the report you are looking for, contact the Korrio Support Team and one of our friendly and knowledgeable support team members will help you obtain the report you are looking for.

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