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The payment industry is very mature, and is very different from what registration vendors had available 10 years ago. Today, there are payment gateways that connect with payment processing networks, that connect with a merchant bank that ultimately ends with money in your bank account. Why would we build our own when we can integrate with industry leaders, and in the process bring you our customers industry leading best practices?

While everything we've described sounds complex, we make it easy for you by outlining the features and benefits of Authorize.Net for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Your parents register in Korrio and we provide a fully integrated registration experience. They will not see any mention of the payment vendor, and from the perspective of the parent, the entire registration was completed within your club's site.


Connecting a payment application to the credit card processing networks is difficult, expensive and beyond the resources of most businesses. Instead, you can easily connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure secure, fast and reliable transactions.

Typical Fee Structure

Actual pricing must be confirmed with and your respective merchant bank. We do not guarantee any pricing of third party vendors. We offer this information to help with initial consideration when selecting a payment vendor.

Pricing - (Gateway)

Set Up Fee (one time)


Monthly Fee


Per Transaction Rate


Per Batch Fee (daily)


Additional monthly fee for Automated Recurring payments (Korrio's Monthly Payment Plan)


Additional monthly fee for Custom Information Manager (Korrio's Custom Payment Plan)


Pricing – Merchant Bank*

* Set up fees, monthly fees and per transaction fees dependent upon each merchant bank. All pricing below are estimates

Set Up Fee (one time)


Monthly Fee


Per Transaction Fee

2.1% to 3.5%

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