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VYSA Members: Exporting your Registration Data

This help guide is for Virginia Youth Soccer Association member Clubs who need to export their Registration data to an excel spreadsheet.

  1. Login to your Club homepage and click Quick Reports
  2. Copy and paste this sequence in the power report box:
show 'group name', 'first name', 'middle name', 'last name', 'street', 'city', 'state', 'zip', 'date of birth', 'gender', 'phone number', 'e-mail', 'team member type' for players where 'group type' is 'Team' and 'group is active' equals 'Yes' and 'team member type' is null

    3. Click Export to CSV
    4. Save the File on your computer


Please Note: This Power Report will give you the information about all the ACTIVE PLAYERS within your Organization.

You will need to rearrange your Excel columns to the specific way VYSA needs them for import. Please change the following:

  • Column Header: Change “Street” to “Address"
  • Column Header: Change “Zip” to “Zip Code”
  • Column Header: Change “Date of Birth” to “Birthdate”
  • Birthdate: The CSV file will show birthdate as XX/XX/XX and VYSA would like the birthdate as XX/XX/XXXX (4 date year).  To change the date format:
    • Right click on the birthdate in the first row and choose Format Cells
    • Choose Date from the Category column
    • Under Type scroll down and choose the “3/15/2005” format
    • To copy this formatting to every birthdate, highlight the cell you just changed and drag the bottom right corner down the excel spreadsheet. All the rows will fill with the same birthdate, but you will see a toolbar that allows you to change the formatting. Click on the toolbar and choose Fill Formatting Only.
  • Gender: you will need to change the rows to 1 character only, M for male and F for female.
  • Column Header: Change “Phone Number” to “Telephone”
  • Column Header: Change “Group Member Type” to “Record Type”
  • Record Type: You will need to change the Record Types to the following codes:
    • Player > P
    • Coach/Team Manager > T
    • Club Staff > C

 Instructions for importing the data into the VYSA database can be found here.

Helpful screen shots are included below:




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