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Naming Teams

Name teams in a manner that supports both the Organizations and your members

Korrio is a fully integrated system where the work of few benefit many. Team functionality is a great example of this feature. When the Organization registrar creates a team and rosters players to that team, this provides coaches, team managers and families with the scheduling and communication tools to reduce the activities necessary for administering a team.

Benefits to Registrars:

  • Better adhere to governing body standards for rosters and player cards
  • Reduce effort related to managing teams

Establish Your Organization’s Naming Convention

1. Use a consistent naming convention across the Organization. This improves your ability to communicate with parents, to report, and to print player cards that comply with your respective governing body organization. We provide you with a few examples:

  • Premier or Travel: Organization Name – Gender – Birth Year  (FC Kickers B01 Red)
  • Organizations With Multiple Levels: Organization Name – Level – Gender – Birth Year (FC Kickers Select B01 Red)
  • Recreational (many teams per age group): Gender – Birth Year – Team Name (C01 Tigers)

2. Use a name that you can re-use. Korrio provides you with Team Shell Rollover, to quickly create new teams for the following season by incrementing the age and date parameters. Don’t use calendar year (ex: 2011) or actual age (U16), as doing so will cause additional work to rename teams.

3. Do not use punctuation and symbols. Currently, this affects certain types of reports and data available in Team Builder.

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