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Add Coaches and Managers to Team

To enable volunteers with coach and manager capabilities you must add them to the team personnel using team builder.  From there you can add or delete personnel.  


Korrio provides a team’s coaches, managers and families with game and practice scheduling, last minute alerts, rosters, and communication features that reduce the effort of administrative activities of managing teams. To enable volunteers to use these features, an administrator must add team personnel, such as coaches and managers. This step allows your Organization to add volunteers based on your governing body policies, such as volunteers requiring current background checks.

To add a coach or manager to a team in bulk use Team Builder.

  1. Select the appropriate Season to display your teams, and select the Volunteer Registration program
  2. Drag a volunteer from the list of available volunteers into their respective team
  3. Once you drop the volunteer into a team, the system will prompt you to select their role
  4. Select Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager
  5. Continue rostering volunteers

Note: In Team Builder, an adult can only be placed on one team. To roster a single coach to multiple teams, use the “To add a coach or manager to a single team” instructions below.

To add a coach or manager to a single team you can use Team Builder or go directly to the team’s roster.

  1. Go to the Teams page of your Organization's Korrio site by using the Admin Navigator
  2. Enter the name of your team or team ID in the filter (search) bar
  3. Click on the Edit Roster  icon
  4. Click on Add Members and uncheck the box for Only show age/gender eligible members. Then, search for the volunteer by name, or select a program to provide the list of registered volunteers.
  5. Add the volunteer and select their role (Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager)
  6. Click on Submit Changes

Your Coach or Manager will display under the Personnel section of their respective team’s roster. Once the team’s start date begins, they will have access to the Team features.

To add a coach or manager to multiple teams you will need to go to the roster of that team and use the Add Member Tool. Click the '+' and search for the members name, select add and then choose their role on the team. Save changes.

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