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Roster Players and Build Team

Once you create a team, you will be able to add players to your roster using team builder.  Set details such as season dates and gender and age eligibility.  Find players by program to simplify adding players to your team.  

Complete roster of recreational players more efficiently with Korrio Team Builder

Korrio provides Organization administrators with the Team Builder tool. This tool includes an intuitive interface to manage the vast amount of information available on players while rostering players according to the policies and dynamics of your community. 

Benefits to Registrars:

  • Use roster rollover starting in your second year of registrations to reduce a large percentage of the player pool
  • Roster teams faster with an intuitive design that provides you with the information you need right on the screen. 

Verify Registration Program and Team Settings Relevant to Team Builder

Registration Program Settings:

1. Type of Program must be set to Recreational or Tryout. Reminder that Tryout means tryout based registration for both the tryout event, and season registration for players that make the team.

2. List Active Start and End Dates determine whether the registration program is available to be accessed in Team Builder. Set List Active Dates for the day that you would like the registration program to be seen publicly with an end date that is far enough in the future for you to complete your rostering. You can use the Open and Close Registration Dates to control the dates for which parents can register players.

3. All Custom Fields that are added to programs are viewable in Team Builder.

Team Settings:

1.Season Start and End Dates group teams together in Team Builder under a season. Set team dates to be exactly the same for all your teams in an upcoming season.

2. Season Start Date and Pending Rosters. The Season Start Date is the the day that rosters become open to the general public. A team that has a start date in the future is considered a pending roster that only administrators may view. Most recreational registrars let Organization members know that rosters will be released on a set future date. By setting the Season Start Date to equal this public date allows registrars to roster players in private using the Team Builder tool.

Note the Relationship Between Program List Active Dates and Team Season Dates:

An important component of the Team Builder is that once a player is rostered, that player is removed from the list of remaining players in the program attendee list. This feature allows registrars to keep track of players that need to be rostered, and help determine the available players to the available spots on teams.

For this feature to work, there must be an overlap between the List Active Dates of the registration program(s) and Season Start and End Dates of the respective teams.

Rostering with Team Builder

1. Access Team Builder by using the Admin Navigator (Teams > Team Builder)

2. Find the teams that you are going to add players to

  • Confirm (Select) the Season Dates for your Teams. 
    If you have Pending Teams, the system will default to displaying all of your Pending Teams. Note, the dates that show here are the same dates that you set your “Season Start” and “Season End” dates to when you created your teams.
  • Use the Gender and Eligibility filters to narrow down the list of teams. 
    Make sure to choose the exact same age parameters that you chose when you created the teams that you are looking for. The system will only pull teams that match the age settings you set before. Also note that you do not need to include letters when specifying the Sport Age. For example, type in 13 for under 13.

3. Find Players by Program

Now that you have filtered all the teams that fit your gender, age and season parameters you can find your pool of players to build your rosters. Please note that we will show the Roster Rollover feature in another support article.

  • Select a Program from the dropdown that has the players you need to roster.  For example, choose players from a Tryout Program to roster to your new teams. Only programs that are “Active” and listed as “Recreational” or “Tryout” in the Program settings will be available to choose from
  • Customize your columns by clicking on Edit Columns
    Select the EDIT COLUMNS link on the right and check or uncheck the boxes to customize what information you’d like to see about each player.  We provide a list of useful fields that are standard to most registrations and you will also see options for custom questions that were asked for the respective program.
  • Use the filter (search) functionality to narrow down the list of players or search for an individual

4. Use the Inspector for more detailed information

To view further detail about each player, select the Inspector Icon next to the player’s last name.  A fly out will appear that will show basic information such as their birthday, age range, a link to their profile page and tabs to view information about their Family members, Teams and the Programs they are registered for.

5. Add Players to Teams

  • To add players to teams, simply click a players name and drag and drop them onto the team you wish to roster them to. Please note the player will only be added if the team or crest is highlighted green when you hover over them.
  • To roster two or more players to one team at one time, select the boxes to the left of the players’ names and drag them onto the team as a group.


6. Remove Players from Teams

You need to be in DETAIL VIEW to remove players from a roster. Simply drag and drop the players back into the player pool onto the big green plus sign to remove them from the roster. You will see a “Move Completed” verification if you successfully removed the players and a “Move Canceled” notification if you did not successfully drop your players into the player pool bucket.


7. Different Team Views

For your convenience we have provided three different views that you can use when rostering your teams.

A. List View. 

This view will present your teams in rows with columns for name, player count, gender, age and team ID.


B. Icon VIew. 

This view will present icons with a team crest and a number in the upper right that represents the current number of players on the team. This is one of the easiest views to roster players across multiple teams.


To see details about the team, click the Inspector Icon on the bottom left of the crest.  A fly out will appear with a link to the team page, a mail icon for messaging the entire team and roster details with quick links to message each player, personnel or parent.

C. Detail View

This view will present a team crest icon for the team you are working with as well as a list view of the players.


To move from team to team select the front and back arrows.

8. Refresh

Notice the REFRESH button on the top right of the page. If you would like to change info about any Team, Program or Player without closing Team Builder you will need to choose Refresh for your changes to update inside Team Builder. For example, if you notice missing information about a player you can open the Inspector Icon and click on their name to open a separate tab to their Profile page where you can update their records. Once completed, return to Team Builder and click on REFRESH so that the update syncs.

Note, if you close Team Builder, make a change to a player’s record and then reopen Team Builder, your change will automatically show without having to choose REFRESH.


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