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Roster Rollover

Korrio provides Organization administrators with the capability to automatically roster players to the same team as the prior season for the upcoming season. To use Roster Rollover, the following conditions must be met:

  • Teams for the upcoming season must have been created using the Team Shell rollover function
  • During registration, the parent must select Yes to the question "Would you like to return to last season's team?" for the applicable player
  • The player must be rostered on the prior season's team

After you have rolled over your team shells and are ready to start building your teams, we have a Roster Rollover button for players that request to return to last year’s team.

Some important notes first:

  • This feature is designed for recreational teams that will not build their rosters through tryouts
  • Do not use the Roster Rollover feature if you’ve already begun manually rostering players onto teams
To use Roster Rollover:
  1. Access Team Builder using the Admin Navigator (Teams > Team Builder)
  2. Select a program to display players in the player pool
  3. You should see a Roster Rollover button. The Roster Rollover button appears if players in the pool have selected yes to return to last year's team and those players' teams had been created using Team Shell Rollover
  4. When you click on Roster Rollover, a dialogue box will ask you to enter a date and time. All players in the player pool that had registered before this date and time will roster automatically.

You will receive a confirmation of the numbers of players who have been rolled over. This action may take a minute or two depending on the size of your player pool.

Remember only players who asked to be rostered to last year’s team will be added automatically.  The rest of the players will remain in the player pool for you to roster however you’d like.

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