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Edit Team Rosters

Club admins can edit their team rosters.  They can add, delete, and edit players from certain teams.  Admins also have the ability to print and save rosters.  To access a specific team's roster, use the Admin Navigator to access the Teams page. (Teams > View Teams). Once on the team's page, search for your team and click on the Edit Roster icon Edit_Roster_Icon.png.

The Roster tab shows you all the players and personnel on the team as well as all Parents/Guardians that are linked to the players on the team. Here you can manage your Teams by adding members, editing members, removing members or printing/saving team rosters.

NOTE: when you select any of these sub-navigations for editing, all current team members will be listed at the bottom of your screen. This is particularly important as you are adding and editing Players or Personnel because you can see who is currently on your team and compare them with those you are adding or editing.

Add Members ( + ) 

To add a member to a roster they will need to have an existing Korrio account. Korrio helps to ensure you only add the right players or personnel to a team. 

  • In the ADD MEMBERS field you can search for them by first name, last name, or full name. You can even search by school name, city, or zip code. Click the green magnifying glass to perform your search.
  • You can search for multiple players or personnel at one time by using the FROM PROGRAM feature to find those who’ve only registered for a certain Program. Click the drop down arrow and you will see all Programs for your Organization.
  • If you select ONLY SHOW AGE/GENDER ELIGIBLE MEMBERS only the players who are age appropriate for that team will appear in the search. 
  • For example, if you have a Program that is available to a variety of ages, such as a Season Registration U10-U18, the Age Eligibility checkbox will let you filter through all the players to just show the ones who are age appropriate for the specific team you are rostering them to.
  • If you would like to add Coaches or Personnel make sure this box is not checked.

Select the green ADD button in the column to the left of the person’s name. Note that you can add multiple people at one time. This action will move that player to the PENDING ADDITIONS box below.

The members you have selected will now be listed under Pending Additions.

Edit Members

You can also set:

  • Position: for players only (not Coaches or Team Managers)
  • Number: reflects jersey number
  • Type: for player please leave BLANK. For Team Personnel you can choose Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager.
  • Title: Please leave BLANK
  • When you have entered your desired information select SUBMIT CHANGES TO CURRENT ROSTER (or Cancel if you wish to go back).

Remove Members ( - )

Under the roster tab, click REMOVE MEMBERS. This will bring up a list of all players and team personnel.

  1. On the left hand side of the member name there is a box to check. Simply select the box on the far left column under RMV to remove a member.
  2. Click SUBMIT CHANGES TO CURRENT ROSTER and that member will be removed from the roster.


Print Roster: When viewing your roster, click Print Roster next to the Team Roster heading. Here you are able to print your team rosters in three different formats – 1) Game Roster 2) Team Roster and 3) Detailed Roster.

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  • Avatar
    Radford Soccer Club: Gene Harris

    Where can I find what functions/permissions are given to the various roles (Types: Player, Admin, Other, Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager)?

    For example:

    Which types can add pictures?

    Coaches can access the Schedule (add, edit, delete events), but an Assistant Coach can not.

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