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How to Handle Play Ups – Recreational Registration

We have found recreational Clubs to be diverse in their policies of handling play ups, or younger players playing up from their age group.

Open Policy 

If your club has an open policy, parents can request their child to play on a team that is older than their current age during the registration process. The best way to use Korrio for these Organization is to include a Custom Field during registration requesting this information. Most recreational clubs include a custom field for special requests. Responses to these requests are easily viewable in Korrio Team Builder, from which the registrar can view the request and choose to roster the player. Team Builder provides you with the flexibility to select any player and roster them to any team.

For more information, view our support articles for Team Builder and Rostering Players for the Recreational Level of Play.

Exception Only, by Registrar Approval 

If your Organization has an Exception Only policy, the Organization has a policy where players must play within age except with the direct approval of the registrar for special circumstances.

One method of taking a note of a play up for later rostering is to use Custom Fields. This is useful especially if you have a single, or limited number of programs. Parents do not have the capability to change Custom Field responses after registration completion. In the Special Requests custom field, insert a short note to yourself (such as play up U8). For more information on changing custom field responses, see our support article titled Member Request to Change a Custom Field Response.

Another method is to actually move the player into the age appropriate program. For more details, view our support article titled Moving a Player from One Registration Program to Another.

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