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Pending Team Roster View

Admins have the ability to allow team personnel to view the rosters of any pending team.  They also have ability to deny privileges to coaches and all personnel. 

To set pending roster view privileges follow these steps:

1. Go to Club > Teams > View Teams

2. Find the Pending Teams you would like to edit roster view privileges and select them by checking the boxes on the left side.


3. Click on Bulk Team Edit > Pending Roster View


3. Select whether you want to deactivate (no team personnel), activate just for Coaches, or activate for all Team Personnel (coaches, team managers, etc.).


4. Finally, click 'Update' to save the changes.


  • Team must be in pending state for this feature to work.
  • Pending Teams Icons:

coaches_only.png  Only Coaches
all.png  All Team Personnel

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