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Custom Web Page Practices

Add custom web pages to your organization's website.  Create certain topics or pages under the About Cub section on the left.  Use Parent Pages and Sub Pages to organize web pages.  


Your Parent Pages should be added to your left hand menu About Club section and should contain links to the various Sub Pages.

You should have no more than 8 Parent Pages in your left hand menu. Be sure to include pages about your programs and anything that’s important to you - a volunteer page, donation page, age/chart/registration checklist, etc.


Once your member clicks on the Parent Page from the left hand menu, have clear links to your Sub Pages that have more detail.


Here is an example:


1. Parent Page: About Kickers FC

   Sub Pages: Mission, Vision, Board of Directors, History


2. Parent Page: Recreational Program

    Sub Pages: Level of Play, Age Group Chart, Volunteering, Fees


3. Parent Page: Select Program

Sub Pages: Level of Play, Age Group Chart, Volunteering, Fees


4. Parent Page: Premier Program

   Sub Pages: Travel, Professional Coaches, Recruiting Resources, Fees


5. Parent Page: Volunteering/Donations

   Sub Pages: Where your dollar goes, Board Minutes, Requirements


6. Parent Page: Our Fields

    Sub Pages: Locations, Hours


7. Parent Page: FAQ’s

   Sub Pages: For Parents, For Coaches


Check out for an example of live Pages.


Finally, it’s a good idea to put Contact Information and very important links in your footer. This could include:


  • Contact Us (phone, address, etc)
  • Field Locations
  • Registration
  • About Kickers FC
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    Eastlake: Tim Taricco

    At 11:50 AM on 12/04/12, I visited and I don't see any "live pages."

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    Hi Tim, the "About Club" page is now showing, please refresh and you'll see the separate tabs!

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