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Club Settings: Compliance Lights

We have a new Compliance section under Club Settings where Organization administrators can manage their operations.

Using the admin navigator, go to Club > Settings > Club Settings.


  • Compliance Lights Visible to Club Admins: set to YES if you’d like your admins to see compliance lights for both player and personnel

Player & Personnel:

Per your organization’s policy, choose Yes or No if you’d like to manage compliance for your players an personnel on the categories shown. Note that Inherit is only for organizations who have a governing body and who want to assume the settings of what was chosen at a higher level (Example: Club that is part of an Association can assume the compliance settings that is set at he Association level).


  • Concussion Waiver Required for Players
  • Sate ID Required for Players
  • Date of Birth Required for Players
  • Date of Birth Validation Required for Players
  • Group Eligibility Required for Players


  • Background Check Required for Personnel
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