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Add Additional Admin

If you need to give an additional person admin rights or access to your organization, you are able to add new admins to your staff.  Give them greater access to send communications, create teams, create programs, and run reports.

Steps to Add a New Administrator*

1.  Go to the Staff section of your Organization's Korrio site

2. Click on the "+" to Add Member

3. Enter the new administrators name or user name, and un-check the setting for Only show eligible members

4. Click on Add next to the member’s name

5. Under Type, select Admin and click on Submit Changes

*To add a new administrator, the member must have a Korrio Account and be registered with the Organization. Most Organizations have a program for volunteers to begin each season. Please see the Support Blog post titled Set Up Volunteer Registration.

(If you need them to have the additional rights to view/edit financials, view/edit background checks, or print player cards, please email with their name and what additional rights they need and we can enable that from our end).

Steps to Remove an Existing Administrator

1. Go to the Staff section of your Organization's Korrio site

2. Select the member that you would like to remove and click on the minus (-)

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