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Merge Duplicate Accounts

If you have multiple or duplicate accounts, you will need to merge the information on these accounts to prevent further problems and confusion.  Follow steps below to find out if you have duplicate accounts and how to fix it.  

To search for those duplicates we recommend running the Find People by Name report, export it to CSV and then sort by Last Name. Use excel to highlight your duplicates and then go into Member Look Up in Korrio to confirm both accounts correspond to the same person - it still may be possible that they are two different people. To make that determination, open up the Inspector ('i') next to the user's name and notice their username. If there are two different usernames for one person, then they are duplicates.


If you do have duplicate accounts, you will want to follow the process below to clean up your data, consolidate the accounts and make sure no important information is lost when deleting the account. 

1. Figuring out which account to keep

Compare the duplicate accounts' program, team and financial information. You will want to keep the most active account (most recent registration date) that has their most current program, team and transaction information. Tip: you will always want to keep the account with a balance or an active automatic payment plan.

2. Contact Korrio Support

Once you have determined the account you would like to keep, contact us at to provide us with the usernames of all the accounts and distinguish which one you want to keep/delete. PLEASE NOTE: deleting an account is an irreversible process and any data not transferred over to the new account will be lost.

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