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Personnel Roles at the Team Level

Team Level - Personnel:

Roles at the Team level include Coach, Manager, Assistant Coach, Other, and Player. Each role has different functions and capabilities.  Below are the functions that each role does/ does not have in Korrio.

Team - Coach and Manager (most commonly used) : 

+ Create, Edit, and View events and schedule for a Team

+ View/Print roster

+ Assign Jersey numbers and positions

+ Can message members within the specific team

+ Post photos on team page

+ Edit look and feel of team page

- Cannot view financial information for Team.

- Cannot roster athletes - must be done by an Organizational Admin

- Only has these privileges with specific team

Team - Assistant Coach: 

+ Can message members within the specific team

+ Can view the team schedule and member information.

- Cannot view financial information for Team

- Cannot assign other roles

- Cannot manage or edit the schedule of events (like practices and games)

   Team - Other: 

+ Only can post photos/highlights on Team page

+ Status assigned by Organization/Club Admins

+ Can view the team schedule and member information on the roster

NOTE (for Admins): specific Title names can be added in the title field to the right.

+ Most commonly used for Team Photographer, Team Captain, Head Volunteer, etc

  Team - Player: 

+ Current Athletes on a specific team

+ Can write on the their Team's wall or post pictures to their individual profiles

+ View Team schedule/Push to their individual schedule

+ Can view additional event information

- Cannot post pictures to Team's page


To learn how to add members to your team's Personnel page, view our support article Adding Coaches and Managers to Teams.

For more information about specific roles for Korrio users, visit the Terms/Privacy page.


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