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Program Role Functions

Program Level - Personnel:

The program roles include, Admin, Coach/Manager, Other, Player, and Waitlist.  Use these roles to view who is registered for certain programs.  

A lot of the functionality on the Program level is similar to and described more in depth on the Team Level Page.

Program - Admin:

+ Similar viewing privileges and functions as Team levels, but under the scope of the program.

- Cannot view private information at the Club Level

NOTE: If someone has Admin rights for a particular program, they would have to access the Program's page through the Club's programs navigation, and then click on the title of the program.

Program - Coach and Manager (n/a): 

+ Same functions as Coach/Manager at Team level

+ View/print the program roster

+ Post photos on Program page

Program - Assistant Coach (n/a):

+ Not Applicable (You would not typically assign either of these rights to someone at the Program level. No reason to.)

 Program - Other (n/a) :

+ Same functions as Other at the Team Level.

 Program - Player (n/a) :

These are athletes who have registered and paid for a program.

+ Current Players in a Program

 Program - Wait-list (n/a) :

These are athletes who have registered for a program, but are not accepted to the program yet. This means that they registered after the program was full, so they were moved to a wait-list.

+ Prospective Athletes

To view the functions of wait-list members at the Program Level,  visit: Program Waitlist Functionality

For more information about specific roles for Korrio users, visit the Terms/Privacy page.

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