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Club/Organization Role Functions

Organization Level - Staff:

The personnel roles at the Club level are: Admin, Other, and Coach/Manager.  These staff level roles have the highest capabilities including assigning additional admins and viewing financial medical information.  

Organization - Admin:

+  Can assign roles to other organization members (i.e.  Admin, Coach, Assistant Coach, Other, etc.)

+  Can View/Create Programs and Teams

+  Set up registration for Programs within the organization

+  Can  bulk message or individual message ALL members

+  Build teams within organization.

+  Can run reports

Please contact Korrio Support to request access to edit and view background checks, medical information, and financial information. In addition contact us to assign certain permissions to additional designated admins.

 Organization - Other (n/a) :

+ This role is established by the Organization Admin

+ For individuals with specific titles

+ Most commonly used for:  (i.e. Board Member, President, Captain, etc.)

+ View basic information for programs and teams like rosters,  schedules, and lists of programs and teams.

- No editing access at the Organization Level or ability to view members' private information

- Cannot view Admin Navigator

 Organization - Coach/Manager/Player/Assistant Coach (n/a) :

+ Role assigned by Organization Admin.

+ For purposes of giving a title and adding someone to Staff group (can see Staff schedule)

- Cannot change titles of other members, edit/view private information like financials, and view the Admin Navigation bar.


To learn how to add members to your club's Personnel page, view our support article Add Admin to an Organization.

For more information about specific roles for Korrio users, visit the Terms/Privacy page.

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