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Admin Entered Registration

Families who do not have computer access can still be registered using Admin Entered Registration. Admins may register players on behalf of their parent or even create a new user.  

We understand that many Organizations have families that are not active computer users. Our walk up solution allows you to register these players in person, over the phone or by entering data off of a paper registration form.

Please note: If your family does not have an email address, you should always encourage them to obtain a free email address from a major email provider. This is the only way to create/access an account in Korrio. 

If you plan to give price Adjustments during the Admin Entered Registration, you will want to create an Admin- Only Adjustment. A common use for Admin-Only Adjustment would be for Scholarship players.

 Register Using Admin Entered Registration

1. From your Admin Navigator, select 'Club', select 'Programs' and then select 'Admin Entered Registration'.

2. At the bottom, choose your Search Filter:


  • Limit search to this club. If this player has already registered within your club, choose this option for best search results.
  • Search group hierarchy from here down. If you have multiple clubs/levels underneath this specific organization, this will allow you to search throughout.
  • Search entire Korrio system. If there is already an account set up with the email address you have chose, use this option to find this user in Korrio.

3. Enter the Name, Address, Phone or Email to Search Your Member Database

It is important to always begin a Admin Entered Registration by searching for an existing user. This prevents duplicate accounts, and better supports your processes such as roster rollover, team formation, reporting and communications.

4. Enter as much information as you have available. The more information, the better the search results.

5. Korrio will return the top 15 results within your Organization. At this point, you have three options:


1. Or Add New User: If you do not find the user(s) you are looking for, click on 'Or Add New User" button at the bottom of the page. This will begin a new user registration.

2. Edit Selected User: Once you have found the User you want to register, confirm with the parents (if possible) that their data is up to date. If it isnt, select the User and then select "Edit Selected User". At this point you will be able to update the Contact Information, Alerts and Notifications and Communication Preferences.

3. Use Selected User: Registration mirrors the standard registration flow that any parent uses online with the exception of the following items that are unique to and simplified for the Organization Admin.

  • Program Drop down: This allows for a basic view to select any program for the specific registrant.
  • Adjustments: Admin- Only Adjustments option is available.
  • Agreements: Admin can click on the check box instead of having to open the agreement. Please note that it is important to have your parents review and agree to each agreement with either oral or written agreement. You as the admin are responsible for obtaining the agreement prior to checking the box on behalf of the parent
  • Payment Page: In addition to the Organization-wide payment options, during Admin Entered Registration, the Organization Admin also has Check and Cash available.
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