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Payments: Export to CSV options

Korrio has added two new Financial Reporting buttons on the Club Payments Page. To get to the Payments page, go to Club/Payments/Browse Payments. Once you get to the Payments Page you will see the following two buttons:


Export Detail Data to CSV:

This report is similar to our previously existing "Transaction by Person" Financial Report where it contains all Transaction Types associated with the Reference User.

This report includes: All Purchases, Payments, Credits, Adjustments, Refunds, etc. as a separate line item.

Export Summary Data to CSV: 

This report is a summary of all transaction by Reference User. Essentially, each Transaction on the Korrio Payments Page is combined into a unique line item on this report.

This report includes:  All Program Price, Adjustments, Coupon Amounts, Credits,Debits, Balance and Refunds in one row. 

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