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Payments 2.0 with Authorize.Net

We're committed to providing superior service to your organization and as part of that commitment we're making improvements to our payment offerings. New registration and payment enhancements are coming soon that will provide more flexibility around your payment offerings during registration. To achieve these goals we have decided to move off of PayPal and have chosen to use Authorize.Net as our payment gateway.  

I'm on Paypal, why should I move to Authorize.Net?

  • Authorize.Net provides greater reliability
  • Authorize.Net offers lower payment processing fees
  • Authorize.Net's API provides us with a better foundation to build new payment features 

New payment features on Authorize.Net will include:

  • automatic payment plans configurable at the program level
  • automatic payment plans that allow you to set specific dates and amounts for withdrawal
  • coupon codes & convenience fees by payment method
Learn more about Authorize.Net:
What you need to do before your next registration cycle:
  1. Fill out this application to set up a merchant bank account
  2. Send your application to Tony DeBruno with Authorize.Net at or fax (817) 421-1914
  3. With your application to Tony, include a copy of a preprinted voided check for the account that Authorize.Net will deposit the money into
  4. Call Tony DeBruno with any questions about setting up your merchant bank account at (817) 798-1425
What Korrio will do:
  • Once Tony has received all of your completed paperwork he will send us the necessary information
  • We will set up your payment profile in the backend of Korrio
  • We'll notify you once the setup is complete and your transition is finalized
Please feel free to send us an email with any questions. Thank you for your continued partnership!
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