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Automatic Payment Plans

Why would you chose an Automatic Payment Plan?

Our Automatic Payment Plan provides Clubs and Organizations the ability to offer its members with a service that allows them to pay certain fees over time. Korrio understands that travel Organizations require higher fee structures to run the highly competitive programs.

What are the benefits?

Our different types of Automatic Payment Plans create a new level of convenience for all members of your club, as well as maintain an organized payment structure for Admins. Once a payment plan is established and enabled during registration, future payments are automatically made with the credit card used during registration.

What types of Automatic Payment Plans are there?

Minimum: The Admin establishes a minimum amount that needs to be paid at the time of registration. Then, it is up to the Admin to dictate when to collect the rest of the money. For more information on setting up a minimum payment plan visit: Minimum Payment Plan

Custom: To set up a Custom Payment Plan, an Admin needs to contact Korrio. Custom Payment Plans are a plan where Admins can establish an initial registration fee (like the APP), but the Admin can adjust the rate amounts and time span from payment to payment. Program payments are not limited to a month by month payment cycle. For more information on Monthly Plans vs. Custom Payment Plans visit: Setting Up Monthly vs. Custom Payment Plans at the Program Level

Where can I go to see and set up an Automatic Payment Plan?

Initially, Admins can enable an Automatic Payment Plan by accessing the Club/Organization's settings.




In Programs, Admins can edit payment plan information in the 'Payments' section when editing a program. To edit a program, click on the pencil icon next to the program name.


How do I edit the Payment Plan for a specific program?

When you're on the page to edit a program, scroll down to the section that is named "Payments". Here you will be able to, use a drop down menu to choose what kind of payment plan you want to use, select an initial down payment rate, and the balancing that will be remaining after the payment.

For Additional Information check out: Advanced Payment Features

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