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Cancel Automatic Payment Plans, Issue Refunds

If you are an admin of the Organization that has financial rights enabled, then you have access to the following features on the Payments page of your Organization’s Korrio site.

1. Cancel an Automatic Payment Plan “Profile” in Payment Vendor

When a parent registers and selects to pay by an Automatic Payment Plan, a related “profile” is created in your Organization’s account. Korrio provides you with the ability to cancel this profile directly from Korrio. On the Payments page, search for your transaction and click on the “+” next to the date of the transaction. Doing so will display the relevant details of the transaction. Look for the quick link for Cancel Auto Plan. This link will cancel the “profile” in your respective payment vendor, and stop the remaining monthly payments for the parent.

This functionality works for both Recurring Payments and CIM payments.

2. Refund an Automatic Payment Plan Payment

Korrio uses third party payment processors to process registration payments. These payment vendors are organized around each separate payment transaction. Thus, for an Automatic Payment Plan, you must refund by transaction. To issue refunds for monthly payments made during an Automatic Payment Plan, click on the Refund quick link next to each listed payment. This is different than the Issue Refund quick link that is displayed for full payment registrations.

Please also note the Payment Vendor Refund Limitations of your respective payment vendor.

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