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Scholarships with Automatic Payment Plans

There are two methods for handling scholarships for competitive teams (premier and travel) that have higher Organization fees.

  1. Use Admin Entered / Walk Up Registration to apply the scholarship during registration, and select Automatic Payment Plan as the payment method. Please note that this method will require the processing of a credit card prior to completion of the walk up registration.
  2. Have parents register children for your Organization's Season Registration program selecting the Automatic Payment Plan method, then make adjustments after registration is complete.

Steps to Implement #2 Above

1. When parents contact you regarding a scholarship award, ask them to register for the respective Season Registration program that will collect their first payment. One approach is to consider this first payment as a “down payment” that all parents must pay to reserve their child’s spot on the team.

2. Post the Scholarship award in Korrio

  • Click on the Payment link on the Admin Navigator
  • Search (Filter) for the respective player or parent
  • Once you have identified the respective transaction, click on the “+” to open up the transaction details
  • Click on Apply Credit, and choose “Credit – Scholarship.” Add any notes to the Organization that apply

3. Adjust the parameters of the respective Automatic Payment Plan in your payment vendor account

  •  Go to the recurring payments section in your payment vendor account. 
  • Modify / Edit the parameters. You can change the number of recurring payments and the amount of each payment. Most Organizations keep the number of payments the same and change the amount of each payment to reflect the award of the scholarship to help lower monthly payment of Organization fees
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