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Payment Vendor Refund Limitations has a limited number of days to issue a refund after the initial transaction was processed. is 90 days.

To process a “refund” after the aforementioned dates: - How do I refund a credit card transaction? (search for The original transaction settled over 90 days ago)

Posting the Refund Transaction in Korrio

You will need to manually post this refund to the original transaction in Korrio. However, if you click on Issue Refund, you will get the following error due to the payment vendor limit on days.


To post this refund transaction, first post a debit (Add Fee) and then a credit (Apply Credit). In each transaction, include a description that contains the word refund for reporting purposes. Please note that issuing these p0st-limit refunds will not appear on the Credit Card Transactions by Date report that is used for reconciliation purposes. Unfortunately, for reconciliation purposes, you will need to account for these transactions with a manual process.

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