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Who owns my data?

Korrio is designed to be more than just a registration platform. In the old way of doing things, paper registrations were collected. Those forms were filed away and laid to rest until the next season or year. Though this was a means to getting players on teams and on the field, it did not provide for up-to-date information or an efficient way of communicating.

On the flip side, Korrio stores live data where changes are reflected in real time throughout the system. Information can be immediately disseminated. Email and text distribution lists are always up to date because members can make changes to their personal profiles in their individual dashboards. Parents can take ownership of their accounts, reducing your workload, as you don’t have to chase payments, stress about bounced emails or inaccurate reports. 

Your members own their data and own their accounts. They can sign up for multiple clubs and/or programs and use their account to communicate with their teammates, family/friends, sync schedules and share photos. Therefor, they own the data associated with their profile and dashboard, whereas the club may own the data associated with a specific roster, program, etc. Because of this, they are also the only ones who can request to deactivate their accounts.

Korrio is the place where they can organize and share their sports life, which carries them throughout time and sport. And in doing so, they’ll have you keep in touch better, run your operations smoother and share information faster. 

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