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US Youth Soccer Player Cards

Korrio provides Organizations with the capability to print player cards on the following US Youth Soccer card stock templates:

  • Blank Member Pass, version F13NP (rev 05/09)
  • Member Pass, version F13LH (rev 05/09)

Set a Template

Your Organization was configured for one of the two templates during the onboarding process. To request a change, contact Korrio Support and we can change this configuration for you. For the benefit of your Organization, we will only process this request if it is made by an executive or registrar of the Organization, as reflected in Korrio.

Please note that currently, each Organization can only be configured for one of the two templates, for all teams in the Organization. While we provide the capability to print player cards, it is your Organization’s responsibility to abide by US Youth Soccer and respective governing body policies. Korrio does not provide card stock, please contact your governing body organization.

Fields on Player Cards

Korrio determines field names on your printed player cards in the following manner:

  • State: Automatically determined based on your Organization’s address. To change, go to Club Settings using the Admin Navigator. To add a League Code after the State name, enter the applicable text in the League Code field.
  • Member, Name, Birthdate, ID#: Equivalent fields from a player’s Korrio profile page
  • Team and Team #: Equivalent fields from your team settings. To change, go to the Teams tab and click on Edit Details 
  • Age Group: Age Eligibility setting from your team settings
  • Seasonal Year: Season Start and End Date setting from your team settings
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