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Confirm Registration

Parents can confirm registration in three ways.  If you see or receive receipt, then you have successfully registered.  Parents can also go to the Transaction Information history on their Korrio profile to check registration.  


1. The last page of the registration flow, or sign up process, displays a receipt with the name of the player, program and applicable payments

2. A confirmation receipt is email to the person that registered at the email address entered on their profile page

3. Korrio keeps the Transaction Information history for all registrations. A parent can to log in to Korrio, click on  Account, and then click on their Registrations tab . They should identify the transaction for the relevant registration and verify a zero balance (proof of completed payment).

Today, parents do not have access to their responses to custom field questions asked during registration. To make changes to parent custom field responses post-registration, please view the support post titled Member Request to Change a Custom Field Response.

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