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Bulk Print Player Cards and Team Rosters

Learn how to print bulk documents.  Print all of your player cards and rosters.  If you do not have the privilege to Print Player Cards you will not be given this access.  Please note that Korrio will abide by your respective governing body’s policy.

To access the bulk printing feature:

1. Go to the Teams page of your Organization’s Korrio site by using the Admin Navigator (Teams > View Teams)

2. Select the teams that you would like to print player cards or team rosters for and then click on the print icon . The following pop up will appear.



Bulk Print Player Cards

Select Print Player Cards, and enter in the following:

  • Description: This entry does not appear on the player card template portion of the print out. Your text will appear in the bottom corner of the printable document as a helpful note to yourself.
  • Season: This entry appears on each player card for the Season Field. You must follow US Youth Soccer season guidelines. Examples: 2011-2012, 2012-2013

For more information on how Korrio determines the fields on a player card, read the support article titled US Youth Soccer Player Cards.

Bulk Print Team Rosters

Select Print Team Rosters and click on Print. Please note that if you do not have the Print Player Cards privilege, you will not be given the option to choose Player Cards or Team Rosters. 

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