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MA Youth Soccer CORI - Convert Korrio Date of Birth to CORI Format


Massachusetts is no longer using Korrio's services for CORI. Please contact your Club Administrator for additional questions.

The CORI office requires Date of Birth to be in a specific format that includes NO characters. Here is an example:

Real DOB: 1/20/1965

CORI Format: 01201965

MA Youth Soccer registrars, or CORI submitter in the club, will need to use a standard MS Excel formula to convert the DOB to the CORI specified format.


1. Open your Korrio export file 

2. Click on the column that contains the date of birth data. The entire column will highlight.

3. Right click on your mouse and select Format Cells


4. When the pop up appears, under the column Category, select Custom. Then in Type, type in the following mmddyyy


5. Excel will return you back to the page with the date of birth data in the appropriate format

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