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Not Receiving Email Messages

If you are not receiving emails from your club administrator there may be a few things happening. It is possible they have accidentally unsubscribed from Korrio messaging.  You may also want to check if your messages are going to your junk or spam folder.  


How did they unsubscribe?

  1. Member receives a Korrio message and a copy of the message is sent to their email inbox.
  2. At the bottom of the email message there is a Korrio footer that enables the member to unsubscribe from future emails. If they choose  “click here”, they will be unsubscribed from all email messages associated with their account. 


How can they re-subscribe? 

The Korrio support team can re-subscribe your members to email messaging, but your member will have to contact our support staff to submit the request. Because your members have control over how they manage their individual Korrio accounts, they will need to be the ones to ask to be re-enabled to receive Korrio email messages. 


Please have them fill out the support form at Contact Support to ask to be re-subscribed to Korrio email messaging. 


Check if Korrio messages are being sent to your spam folder

  1. Log into Korrio and verify the email address under your Communiations Contact.
  2. Log into your email client and check your Junk / Spam folder. If you find the email, select it. Mark the email not as spam and/or add the domain to their email’s safe list
  3. In some cases, large corporation or government entities spam filters block emails from unknown domains.
  4. If the above steps do not resolve the issue, contact Korrio Support and we can check to see if you, or another family member with your email address, elected to unsubscribe from emails generated within Korrio. 
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