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Message a Group Using Bulk Email

Use your communications tool to send an email to your whole team, program, or club.  The bulk email tool allows you to choose whether you want to send your message to a group of parents, players, coaches, or everyone.  

To access Group Mail, go up to your Admin Navigator, click on "Club", and then click on "Communications".


Create Distribution List

There are three way to create your distribution list in Korrio's Bulk Email Tool:

1. Player Type

This will allow you to quickly choose players on teams based on gender and age.

Player Type

  • Gender: Filters to only include the email address of players of a specific gender, or both
  • Age: There are two options for age. Most organizations may use the filter by Date of Birth by entering in a date range of birthdays. For soccer organizations, you can select to filter by Sport Age, which is a US Soccer standard.
  • Date Range: Date range filters teams. Active Teams = all currently active teams. Pending Teams = all currently pending teams. Custom Date range allows you to choose a set of teams specific to a custom date range
  • Example: "I want to send an email to all boys 10 years old that are currently participating in the club on teams."
    Gender = Male
    Age: Date of Birth Between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2002 (differs based on today's date)
    Date Range: Active Teams 

Communications Preferences

  • Also Email Organization Staff: Include all "Admins" on the Staff page of your Korrio site
  • Email Players' Parents Only:  Instead of emailing the email address on the player's Korrio account, email the email address on the parents Korrio account.
  • Override Email Unsubscribe: check the box for all your club members to receive email messages via Korrio, regardless of their subscription status. To learn more, click here.

2. Teams List

This will allow you to develop a distribution list based on member type and the teams that these members are associated with.

Member Type

  • Organization Staff:  Include all "Admins" on the Staff page of your Korrio site
  • Parents: Include email addresses for Parents (of Players) on the Team
  • Players: Include email address on the profile of the player on the Team
  • Coaches: Include email addresses for Team Personnel that are listed as Coach or Assistant Coach
  • Managers: Include email addresses to Team Personnel that are listed as Manager or Other

Select Teams

  • Use Gender, Eligibility and Season filters to display a list of teams that you would like to choose from
  • Choose team(s) by clicking on the check box to the left of the name, or click on Select All to select all teams in the list
  • Check the 'Override Email Unsubscribe' box for all your club members to receive email messages via Korrio, regardless of their subscription status. To learn more, click here.

3.  Programs List

This will allow you to develop a distribution list based on member type and the programs that these members are registered in. The method of selecting programs is the same as described above in Select Teams.

Member Type

  • Organization Staff:  Include all "Admins" on the Staff page of your Korrio site
  • Attendees: Include email addresses for the attendees of a Program
  • Parents of Attendees: Include email addresses for the Parents of Attendees of a Program. Please note that for Adult Only programs, selecting this option will result in no emails sent to this sub-group as Parents do not exist for Adult accounts.
  • Program Personnel: Include email addresses for Personnel listed on the Personnel section of the Attendees page of the Program. Program Personnel includes all types (admin, coach, manager, other).


Compose Email

Once you choose from the three options above, then click on "Compose Email". 



From Name

This is the name that will appear as the sender when the recipient receives the email. When you first click on Compose Email, Korrio will default to the name on your Korrio account. 

From Email

Enter a Reply To address for your email. Korrio will default to your email address. You must enter a valid email address, or your organization's no reply email address to complete your Bulk Email.

The system will also send a copy of the email to this email address as a confirmation that the email was processed and sent.

Additional recipients

Enter additional email addresses not included in the original results. This line can be thought of as a “cc” feature.

Insert Image

Does your club have a header/footer image that they would like to include in their Email blast? When inserting an image into your communication the system will ask you to first upload your image into the Media Library and then once it is uploaded you can scroll down and click on "Insert into Post" to add the image to your email.

Send Test Email

If you would like to see what your communication looks like before you send it out to your membership, click on this button and specify where you would like the Test Email to be sent.

Send Email

After you click on Send Email, your communication will be added to a queue for the next broadcast. The Bulk Email tool sends out Communication broadcasts every 10 minutes. Emails with larger distribution lists will take longer to process.


1. What is the queue?

Once you complete your email and click Send Email, your email is added to a queue. This is a holding place from which the system processes emails every 10 minutes. This architecture allows us to provide you with a fast and easy experience when building your emails.


2. How do I know that the email was sent?

The email address on the From Email line will receive a copy of the email when the email has been processed and sent. If the "Reply To" email is different from your email address, you can add your email address to the Additional Recipients line and you will receive an email.


3. Where is Mail Merge?

For customers that have used Email from Reports, you may have noticed that Mail Merge is not available in the Bulk Email tool. Email from Reports is a reports based feature that begins with a set of data resulting from a search query. In Bulk Email, the system does not include the capability to run reports on additional data. We wanted to make sure that the Bulk Email tool is fast and intuitive for all of our customers. The best way to meet this goal is to standardize across our customers on the data that is queried, in this case, email address. Thus, we do not offer search of additional data or mail merge functionality in Bulk Email.


4. How do I email "my entire Organization?"

It depends on what you mean by my entire club, or organization.  

If you mean, all families on teams for the current year, then you would start on the Teams List Page within Bulk Email. Select Active Teams, click on Select All, then choose from your Member Types.

If you mean, all families that have had contact with my organization, then you would start on the Programs List page within Bulk Email. Select your date range of programs, click on Select All, then choose from your Member Types.


5. What if there are no members in the distribution list that I selected?

We do not currently have a built in feedback mechanism within Bulk Email to alert you that you selected a distribution list that does not contain any members. Sending an email with no one on the distribution list will result in the From Email receiving an email only.

  • Player Type: This page does not offer any feedback. Please make sure that the distribution list you have selected contains members on teams. The best way to do this is to go to the Teams List page of your club and mirror your Date Range search parameters and view the column count
  • Teams List and Programs List: After you have filter your programs, view the column Count to confirm there are members on that team. Please note that Count only includes players or attendees.


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