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Email Members, Let Them Know of Upcoming Registration

Most Organizations email their members to let them know of an upcoming registration open date in one of two ways. Make sure to let your parents know to log in with their Korrio account username and password.

For more information on how to email your parents, please view our support post titled Korrio Group Mail.

1. Email all parents of players that have participated in one of my Organization’s programs in the past

  • Click on the Legacy Report titled Find People by Role
  • Role – select Parents in the drop down
  • Run Report
  • Click on Email from Report to send your message

2. Email all parents of players that registered for the prior season (on an attendee list in Korrio for a prior Season Registration program)

  • Click on the Quick Report titled Programs
  • Click on All Programs
  • In the 'Choose Groups of Programs' drop down, select 'Fetch Historic Programs'
  • Then select the historic programs you would like to contact
  • Run Report
  • Click on Email from Report to send your message
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    Eastlake: Tim Taricco

    According to this FAQ, I should be able to produce a list of parent emails. This is not happening for me. Even with "parent email" selected, I am getting a list of the player emails.

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    Thanks! Based on your description, we would need some more information to figure out what's going on. I've created a ticket on your behalf and one of of our support team members will get back to you.

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