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Reduce Duplicate Accounts and Improve Registration Experience by…

You can reduce duplicate accounts and improve the registration experience by sending a Group Mail to your existing members to alert them of an upcoming registration. In that email, remind members to log in with their existing user name and password, and that if they don’t remember it, to use the email address they received the respective email when using the Lost Password functionality.

Many Organizations already send bulk emails to members prior to the opening of registration. Remember to include the information regarding the email address. Here is a template that you can copy and paste into your next email:

Korrio is very different from other registration systems and it is important for you to use the same account (user name) from the prior season. If you don’t remember your username, go to Korrio and click on the Lost Password link at the top right. Be sure to enter this email address – the email address for which you received this email.

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