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When contacting support, provide as much information as possible

Help us help you! 

We understand that with youth sports, it’s a primarily volunteer driven environment, and you don’t necessarily work when we do. While our Support Team is here for you, our goal is to design an easy and intuitive system, as well as provide you tools to get you the answers you need when you are doing your work. To this end, we invest a lot of resources and energy into building tools to better support you. You should always search our support articles and forum.

However, we understand that sometimes you may want some help in applying those features to your Organization’s policies and procedures. Perhaps you have encountered a bug, or have a request to make an improvement to a particular feature. These are the times a friendly and knowledgeable Korrio Customer Advocate can be of assistance.

Help Us, Help You – Guidelines for Submitting Help Requests

Please try to be as specific as possible when describing your problem. For example, make sure to include:

  • Any applicable URLs including programs and users
  • Specific instructions on how we can reproduce the issue, meaning, what we can do to see exactly the behavior that you se
  • Name of the browser that you are using, version and computer operating system for any bug or system related issue.

If you asking multiple questions in one ticket, please number them 1, 2, 3 etc, as this will make it easier for both parties.

We are committed to you and your Organization, and to providing you with excellent customer service. 

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