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Set Up Adjustment for Admin Use During Walk Up

Are you registering members that need an Adjustment (ie. Scholarship or Coach Discount) applied during the Walk Up Registration

You have the ability to create an Adjustment that is only visible to Organization Admins that allow you to make these price adjustments during the registration process. 

To do this:

1. Access the Adjustments page by using the Admin Navigator (Programs > Adjustments> Create Adjustment)

2. Enter the following settings:

  • Name: Walk Up Registration – (Scholarship, Coach Discount, etc.)
  • Amount: 0 (you can also enter a standard amount to save time)
  • User can change amount: Yes (this allows you to change the Adjustment amount during walk up registration)
  • Type of Adjustment: Credit
  • Start Date and End Date: Depends on your Organization's policies. Reminder that you can reuse adjustments across programs, throughout the year.
  • Adjustment is Optional: Yes (this allows you the choice of providing an Adjustment)
  • Adjustment is Admin-Only: Yes (this means that this adjustment only displays for you and other admin)

4. Add this adjustment to all of your registration programs that require walk up registrations

  • On the Programs page, click on the pencil next to the Program Name
  • Go to the Adjustments sub-section and select the Walk Up Registration – (Scholarship, Coach Discount, etc.) Adjustment
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