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Problems with Registration Programs

Certain actions within Korrio can affect the registration process.  You should not reuse a previous program, change the price after the first person has registered, or add adjustment to a free program. Below are a few more things to be mindful of to avoid registration issues:

1. Do not reuse a previous program. Open new registration programs for new events. However, you can open a recently closed registration to allow for more registrants.

2. Do not change the price of a registration program after the first player registers. It is ok to make changes to adjustments once a program is open.

3. Do not change the parameters for Automatic Payment Plans in season. These parameters  (down payment, service fee, number of installments) must remain the same until registration is closed for all programs enabled with an Automatic Payment Plan.

4. Do not change the name of, or add/remove, custom fields after the first player registers. This will result in a loss of information for previously registered players. It is also important to make sure custom fields do not have the same name as a standard Korrio field. For example, school or name. Currently, Korrio reports only recognize the standard field name, thus reports will not return your expected result.

5. Do not remove a player from the attendee list of a program, unless you are certain you do not require their registration data. Unlike file based registration systems, relationships matter in Korrio. A parent is linked to a child, who is linked to programs their parents registered them for, and the teams that they are eventually rostered to. Once you remove a child from the attendee list of a program, you will lose the parent responses to custom field questions. The transactions will still remain, and you will still have access to their contact information.

6. Do not add adjustments to a free program. Programs must have a Price (fee) associated with it to include adjustments. For example, if you add a donation adjustment to a free volunteer program, the system will not provide the volunteer an opportunity to pay.

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