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Quick Report Filter for Date of Birth

If you'd like to run a report for players who have not submitted their birth certificates so that you can email their parents to remind them to submit their birth certificates, you can easily find the information in quick reports.

You can run any report – by Contact, Team, Program, etc. – and use the Filter tool to include Date of Birth.

Example: I want to find all players who have not submitted their birth certificate


  1. Go to Quick Reports
  2. Click Find People by Role
  3. Select Players from the dropdown
  4. Click + Add New Filter
  5. Filter Option: AND
  6. Field: date of birth
  7. Comparison: EQUALS
  8. Enter your value: no


     9. Click Add

    10. You will see your filter in a green bar


    11. It’s a good idea to customize your visible columns by dragging and dropping date of birth towards the top for easy scanning/viewing


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