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Types of Financial Reports

Run financial reports to filter and export specific data.  Organize payments, refunds, and discounts by programs or teams.  Access these financial reports through the club payments tab.  

Financial Reports

To access Financial Reports, go to Club/Payments/Reports.


Within Financial Reports, you will see the following tabs:




When filtering for a specific Adjustment, you have the ability to choose the Date Range when it occurred, what Type of Adjustment it is and which Program season it is associated with.


The two different Coupon Code Report types are List and Detailed.

List: This is a summary of your used Coupon Codes including the Used Totals (total number of Coupon Codes used) and Total Amount (total discount amount used) per Coupon Code per Program.

Detailed: This gives you the specific Reference User, Program Name, Amount and Description of each registrant that used a Coupon Code.


This Report allows you to run a report for all Refunds you have given within a specific Date Range. Please Note: The Date Range is based off of the Original Transaction Date.


This Report provides each Reference User within a specific Date Range or Program that received a Sibling Discount.


Each receipt within Korrio has a unique Order ID that allows the Organization Admin to track down registration data and receipts for their membership. This Order ID can be found on the registrant's receipt itself or in our Find Attendees by Program Export file.

Once you have the Order ID, you can then enter it into this report to receive an original copy of the registrants receipt.

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