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Reports - Refunds

Korrio allows Admins to view and access reports on important club information including refunds. Every time an Admin initiates or "Issues a Refund" in Korrio, those transactions will be displayed in the report.

How do I access all past refunds?

When trying to view all previously issued refunds Admins should use the Admin Navigator to:

1. Click on Club / Club / Payments / Reports.


2. View the different report options and click on the Refunds tab.

What if I manually post a transaction's refund into Korrio?

That refund's information will still show up amongst the other refunds. Some examples of times you would manually issue a refund is when a check is issued for refund, or when an initial transaction exceeds the time frame limitations of your Club's respective payment vendor. As long as the Admin refunds someone by explicitly using the "Issue a Refund" button, it will show up in the report.

How can I customize my Refunds report?

In the refunds tab there are 3 main areas of functionality.

1. Adjusting the Date Range:

Admins have the ability to adjust the time frame for the refunds that he or she would want to view. This chosen date range represents dates on original payment. This drop down menu is useful for narrowing down the amount of refunds if the Admin is trying to locate a particular one. Date options are: last 30 days, last 3 months, last 6 months, last 12 months, last 24 months, and/or a Custom Date Span. If an Admin chooses to customize the date span, he/she will be able to adjust the Start and End date.

2. Running the report:

Once Admins have used the filters to view the appropriate refunds, he or she can click the green "Run Report" button. More on what columns the Admin sees in the report is explained in step 5 below.

3. Exporting report data to CSV:

Once the report has finished running, Admins can click "Export Data to CSV".



This will produce a file that the Admin can then refer to. The name of the columns the Admin will see are:

Date - Date of refund, not of original purchase.

Refunded by - Name of individual who issued the refund.

Purchaser - Person who is being refunded

Program Name - specific name of the program

Amount - Total refunded amount

Description - Reason for the refund (denoted refund is issued. i.g. Not Attending, Absent, etc.)

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