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Korrio Financial Reconciliation

For your convenience and to better support the reconciliation process, Korrio provides your club with a reconciliation tool to reconcile registration related information with the payments processed in your payment vendor.

Follow these steps to reconcile credit card payments, recurring payments and refunds submitted during registration in Korrio with money processed and collected in

Step 1: Go to Club > Payments > Reconciliation.
Step 2: Select a Date Range for transactions made through Korrio and the Year/Month for transactions made through


Step 3: Click 'Search' for the Korrio transactions to display below with the following data fields: Date, amount, Transaction ID (from payment vendor), Korrio Order ID, Purchaser, Reference User, Program, Transaction Type and Payment Method.

Step 4: Click 'Show Authorize.Net Data' for the transactions made through to display with the following data fields: Transaction ID, Time, Transaction Status, First and Last Name, Account Type and Amount.

Step 5: Click 'Auto Reconcile' our reconciliation tool will automatically cross reference your transactions with those in Korrio, saving you time and making it easier to manage your club finances.


  • Corresponding transactions, as identified by Transaction ID, will be highlighted in green.
  • You can also choose to click 'locate' next to a specific item to find the corresponding Korrio transaction. Those items with no corresponding transaction will be highlighted in red.



  • If you would like to download a summary report click on 'Export Korrio Summary Data to CSV' for a report with the following data fields: Date, Total Amount per day and the number of transactions per day.
  • You can also download a more detailed report to capture individual transactions. Click on 'Export Korrio Detail Data to CSV' for a report containing the following data fields: Date, Amount, Transaction ID, Order ID, Reference User, Parent, Description, Payment method and transaction type. 


Having problems reconciling transactions? These could be potential explanations:

  • Organization Structure in Korrio: When collecting data, it is going to bring in all your organization's sub-group transactions. If your organization uses the same account to process payments for different sub-groups, when reconciling with one sub-group of transactions in Korrio, there can be some missing transactions in your reconciliation.
    • For example: I have three different sub-groups in Korrio (e.g. Summer Camps, Recreational, Premier). Because these three are all under one organization/club umbrella, I decide to use the same account to process payments for all of them. When pulling out transaction information from, the data will include all my sub-groups' transactions. When pulling out transaction information in Korrio, the data will only include one of the sub-groups. To avoid missing transactions, I would have to combine the transaction information pulled out of my three sub-groups in Korrio for a certain period of time and compare it to my data for the same period of time.
  • Refunds made in If your organization decided to issue refunds directly in that refund will not display in Korrio. Therefore, if you see a refund in but not in Korrio, it is probably because you did not initiate the refund through Korrio.
  • Date Range in Korrio vs. Because Korrio records transaction information by date and time at the point of registration, and batches processes and payments through funds to a merchant bank, the dates differ. If you see additional dates in the data pulldown, we suggest you expand your Korrio date range parameters by one day before and after.
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