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Collections, Outstanding Balances

Improve collection of outstanding balances

Korrio’s payments page provides financial managers with tools and integrated communication to quickly identify members with outstanding balances, to communicate those balances, and provide instructions to make payment. Further, we provide real-time Organization fee and payment history, all electronically.

Benefits to Financial Managers:

  • Improves efficiency of the collections process by providing a simple and fast access to member accounts with outstanding balances
  • Integrated communications with mail merge functionality to display balances in the member communication saves time for you and your members
  • Improve transparency and reduce member inquiries with electronic transaction information that is available to members right on their Korrio account

The Collection Process 

  1. Go to Club -> Payments -> Balances.
  2. Enter a date and the number of days late you are interested in.
  3. Run the report.
  4. Click on the box left to the name to select specific users you would like to communicate.
  5. Finally, on the upper right side click on Email Balances to Selected Email Addresses to message the selected members with Balances.


  • This report provides a single list of all player accounts that have an outstanding balance owed to the Organization.
  • The unique row in the report is children (reference user).
  • Please note that for any player that has an Automatic Payment Plan established for his/her season registration, that they would carry a balance until the full term of the payment plan. 
  • Mail merge functionality is also available to allow you to customize the message to the user and balance due.

Example Collections Email

Subject: [Insert Club Name] Fees – Late and Past Due Notice


If you are receiving this notification, your account has a past due balance. In order to not interrupt club and team participation, this is a reminder to review your accounts and make a payment today.

Player Name: {{reference_user}}

Outstanding Balance: {{user_balance}}

Please log in to your Korrio account to verify your account information. Go to, enter your username and password, and view your Transaction Information section on the Accounts section of your Profile Page.

If you need additional assistance, please communicate with the Organization before [insert date]. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

[Insert Name]

[Insert Organization Name]

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