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Verify Player Date of Birth

Validate your players date of birth, which will save admins time and not allow parents or players to change their DOB.  Learn to verify one player's DOB or run a report to validate the whole teams'.

Verify and lock a player’s date of birth, one time!

Korrio provides Organizations with the capability to lock a player’s date of birth (DOB) after reviewing a birth certificate. This functionality was designed to support Organizations that are members of governing bodies that have policies requiring age verification. Once a registrar sets the DOB Validated as Yes, the parent or player can not change the DOB.

To make things easier on you, we provide details of the ways a registrar can validate a player’s date of birth.

Benefits to Registrars

  • Saves you time by only verifying a player’s DOB once, not every season
  • Improves your Organization’s adherence to governing body policy
  • Improves security of sensitive player information due to only collecting the legal document once

Verify Date of Birth in Bulk

1. Access Reports by using the Admin Navigator (Club > Reports > Quick Reports)

2. There are two Quick Reports that best support the verification process

A. To Verify DOB during Registration: For recreational players, it is best to verify DOB during the registration process. This provides registrars with sufficient time to complete the task prior to the start of the season.

  • Under Program Reports, click on the Find Attendees by Program report
  • Select the applicable registration program from the Program list
  • Click on Customize Your Columns
  • In the Standard sub-tab, select dob validated
  • In the Transaction sub-tab, select registration date
  • Click on Run Report

Once the results return, you can identify your player(s) by:

  • Click on the column header for Name to sort
  • Use the Search Bar to type in a single name and quickly filter between players
  • To validate and lock the DOB, click in the field for dob validated. Select Yes and click Ok. Your change is reflected real-time.
DOB Validation from Reports.png


B. To Verify DOB after Players are Rostered to Teams: For tryout based programs, it is best to verify DOB after a player has made the team, and is officially a member of your Organization.

  • Under Active Team Reports, click on the Players on Active Teams report
  • If you are looking for a list of players on a specific team, or a single player, use the filters provided
  • Click on Customize Your Columns. In the Standard tab, select dob validated
  • Click on Run Report
  • You can use the same description provided above to validate and lock the players’ DOB

Verify a Single Player’s DOB

1. Go to a player’s profile page by using the Member Look Up feature (Admin Navigator)

2. Click on Profile on the left hand menu

3. Click on Member Information, then Edit


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