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Coupon Code Reports

See all members who were given a discount code or coupon code.  Run a financial report to see how many codes were applied and to whom.  Then filter your report for the information you wish to receive.  

To do so, go to Club/ Payments / Reports:



Then, click on Coupon Codes.

From here, you are provided the following Filters when running your report:

1. Select type of report:

  • List Coupon Codes: This lists out the Coupon Code name, how many of these codes were used, the total credit amount given per program they were applied in.


  • Detailed: This lists out the Coupon Codes by each unique user and also includes the amount and the program it corresponds with.


2. Date Range:  This allows you to select a specific Date Range that the Coupon Code was used. This particular filter is helpful when wanting data for a certain Season or Event.


Once you have run your report, you then have the option to 'Export Data to a CSV". 


For a reminder on how to set up Coupon Codes in Korrio, see our Coupon Codes Guide

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