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Add Filters to Reports

In a quick report, you can apply additional filters to customize your report.  Use "add filter items tool" to create any report by adding new filters.  See instructions and examples below.  

Within any Quick Report, click on the button for Add Filter Items. A pop up will appear and you will need to enter all four parameters. 


Filters are grouped into four sub-tabs:

  • Standard: Includes contact information and other member profile related fields 
  • Group: Group filters provide the ability to filter your members based on the different groups (teams, programs) they belong to. Teams that a registrar added the member to, or programs that parents had signed themselves or their children to
  • Background Check: Only available for an Admin with Background Check Edit and View privileges. Includes background check related fields
  • Other: Includes other fields not included in the other sub-tabs. The two fields that an admin would want to know in the Other sub-tab are Custom Fields and Return to Last Year's Team

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

1. Only show me players that are in my recreational program, that are over the age of 10

  • Choose Your Filter Option: AND
  • Choose Your Field: date of birth
  • Select Your Comparison: LESS THAN (System is looking for DOB less than 2002. The lower the number, the older the age)
  • Enter Your Value: 2002-08-01

2. Only show me players that live in the city of Boston

  • Choose Your Filter Option: AND
  • Choose Your Field: Address (or City)
  • Select Your Comparison: EQUALS
  • Enter Your Value: Boston
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